My Wild Side

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The afternoon light danced on the muddy pond, transforming it into a perfect reflection as I followed the massive bull Elk and his companions. As he turned to go into the scrub, part of me had to follow. Crashing through the amber bushes, rubbing his fierce rack against them, he paused and looked at me, then lifted his nose to investigate my scent. It was then I began to wonder if I had come too close. But his eyes relaxed as they rested on me and he turned to face the direction he would soon begin to walk and paused as if to say, ” Well aren’t you coming?” It was that photo shoot, that enlivened my spirit in a way I had never experienced before and I knew then that I was meant to do this. As he took his evenings rest in a flaxen meadow, I bid him farewell and thanked him for sharing his afternoon with me. I still thank the wildlife I photograph, because I truly perceive it as an honor and priviledge to witness them in their greatness, especially in their natural habitat. I love to share that gift, by capturing those moments through a lens. These are a few of my wildlife encounters; just the beginning of my wild side.