Pursuit at the pond

Last week I was able to spend some time photographing some birds at Tonaquint park in St. George. The coming of spring is bringing out all kinds of wonderful! There were freshly budding daffodils along the path and the birds were singing their songs all in pursuit of finding another to share a nest with. As I was wondering through the tall pines I heard this incredible sound that was somewhere between flatulence and a bellowing burp.

Much to my surprise the culprits were some cormorants that were gathered in trees along the bank of the pond. These birds are beautiful! They are also amazing with the ability to dive over 200 feet. They are even used by fishermen to catch fish. ( Cool thing to look up) I decided to just watch how their pursuits would play out.

Some birds just didn’t yet seem interested but the few that were made it known as they bellowed! Then I caught site of a single bird on a branch that had removed one of it’s long feathers. I assumed it to be a tail feather. Like dancing a choreographed routine it began to wave its feather in every direction and it was simply beautiful. Sometimes it would twirl the feather and throw it up in the air then catch it again. I threw together this little slideshow to just give you a taste of what I saw and want to extend an invitation for you to get out and see for yourself this wonderful world we live in!

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