i Wish

I wish I could show you their faces

The people who gathered there.

They pledged allegiance to the flag

They bowed their heads in prayer

I wish I knew all of their stories

The sacrifice each one made

To stand for precious freedoms

They feared were fading away

I wish I could share all the feelings 

I felt while I stood and observed

But all the words would be twisted

People would think me obsurd?

I wish I could show the acceptance

Kindness and love overflowed

The pride they had for their country

The tears as their stories were told.

I wish I knew why each assembled

wondering now why anyone dared

Purpose must’ve ruled over reason

Each unique but nobody cared

I wish there were no explosions

Sirens that just seemed to grow

Confusion quick billowed to fear

But most were still gathered below

I wish there were logical reasons

For the heaviness filling the air

But peaceful submission surrounded

Many called on the power of prayer

I wish you could see the excitement

Amidst blasts of confusion they’d go

I didn’t see anger or malice

Like a river they just seemed to flow

I wish I knew why some kept climbing

Most stood watching, in disbelief

Murmurs dampened the cheering

Joy gracefully bowed to grief

I wish I knew whispered rumors

f violence were simply untrue

But fact gave way to reason

I watched as the crowd was subdued

I wish I didn’t see sadness

Fill their eyes and shoulders fall

As they turned in soft surrender

Few displaced the acts of all

I wish I knew all of their stories

What they saw from where they stood

Where were they when It shifted

To ugly from something good

I wish I could show you their faces

I wish I knew who to blame

For silencing all of there stories

And trying to shroud them in shame

I wish you had seen all their banners

Raising voices not fists was the call

As they stood together for freedom

Liberty and justice for all

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