Passion waldo 2

It is easy to become consumed in our passions. For me, eating and sleeping is often cast aside as I find myself reviewing the photos taken from my last expedition. Even the process of considering my next journey, or weighing the myriad of options can leave me in an abyss where time simply disappears. So it was last night, and the night before. The vision of the sun rising before you have fallen asleep is not the kind of sunrise I look forward to viewing. Come to think of it, the last few weeks have been filled with sleep deprivation and today the effects are at their pinnacle.

My day started with a startling realization that the sea lions were expecting me to meet them at the harbor at ten. I rolled back over in bed and thought to myself, I just don’t think I have it in me to be on the water today, I really need some sleep. Then their faces began project on my subconscious. Guilt began to drip, making it impossible to sleep. Finally I resolved and thought to myself , ” I really need to fulfill my commitment.”  It was then that it all began to crumble.

“Hey wait a minute”… “I’m home in Utah, there are no Sea Lions waiting for me at a harbor in Utah. Then I began to laugh at the fact that I hadn’t caught on sooner. It was all a dream.

Perhaps it was editing this photo from last weeks trip that made me align my day with such a colorful commitment. Or maybe knowing  there’s an army of amazing volunteers working almost around the clock at the worlds largest marine mammal hospital; The Marine Mammal Center.  Peak season is here.  Between pupping seasons, weather issues, ocean trash entanglements, and disease from toxicity they have a huge infux of patients last I heard 210.  I just finished my training to be a part of that team.  The first thing I did when I got out of bed was book my flights for my next few months trips so I can indeed fulfill my commitment to my sea lions, and all of their friends that need special care.  I am starting out as an educational docent and shadowing the animal care.

I decided today that this picture will be perfect  for my bedroom wall. It will serve as a gentle reminder to be in tune with my loving creator as I seek to live a life of passion but with balance; filled with loving kindness,compassion, and sympathetic joy.

Om Sea Lion2

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