The Power Of Choice

In December a friend invited me to participate in a personal training workshop “The Power of Choice”. She gave me a golden ticket providing me an opportunity to attend for free. To say I was a skeptic at the beginning is more than an understatement. I however trusted my friend, knew she had enjoyed her experience and felt it would be at least an interesting experiment. My inner critic voice became even louder as the day approached. Even if there was no exchange of money, my time was of value to me. My friend suggested I talk with the founder to discuss my questions and concerns, so I did. Looking back on that conversation, I still am amazed that he even allowed me through the doors. My resistance didn’t take long to surface. Life has taught me there are no free lunches. What was it they wanted from me? Jaime explained the workshop clearly. In the  Power of Choice they teach powerful tools that help shift perspective and can have a profound impact on peoples lives. As he was explaining all of this, I found myself asking, but what’s the catch, what’s next…. What do you want me and everyone else to do next? He went on to explain the next level of training available was an option. He explained clearly though;
“People pay hundreds of dollars just to have the Power of Choice experience, you get to come and experience it for free”  
That lead me to my next question;
“So what do you charge for this next level of training?” I asked abruptly.
He gave me his answer then explaining they have many options structured for people to make it affordable and had ways to work with them, to which I blurted;
“You may as well just give this golden ticket to someone else, because what you are charging for your next level of training goes against every thing I believe. If you have something so wonderful, so life changing, then why aren’t you making it affordable enough for the masses!”
Jaime took a deep breath, I know now he chose to have a state change:) calmly he replied;
“I promise you this, I will expect nothing more from you than for you to come and learn what we have to offer through the power of choice. I believe that every session is comprised of a perfect balance of personalities and I really want you to come and be a part of this group.”
How could I say no to that? I just told the man I didn’t value what I now know is his life’s work, and he says;
“Please come I value your opinion and not only want, but feel your personality is an essential part of this experience.”

I did attend that three-day workshop and by the second day, I knew in my heart I would do anything to have the next level of training. I have had so many shifts to my perspective, my whole world has been turned on a dime. Nothing had changed, yet everything had changed all at the same time. As I walked into that first workshop I believed I was broken. I had suffered from bilateral detachment of the retinas in the past year and had several surgeries to correct the situation, but it left me with impaired vision in my left eye and changed vision in my right eye. Over the course of the year I had periods of blindness, and somehow had found myself still stuck in mental blindness. I was choosing to focus on the limitation rather than my capacity to see. I hadn’t even found a path to gratitude for my sight being saved. I was still stuck in a pity party of how hard it was to have it be different. Looking back now it is so easy to see how limiting that was but at the time it was simply my reality. After just a few hours of shifting my perspective through this powerful personal training experience, I found myself pulling my camera out of its case and began to dream again of living a life of passion. I began to doodle. Even though the fun house mirror lines had a hard time connecting when I drew a heart or a flower, it eventually came. When I hear the line ” I was blind and now I see” from Amazing Grace, I understand the meaning from my core. I realized I believed I was broken. It was a part I had become quite comfortable playing and in many ways it served me well. I could no longer live that belief though, because I knew it was not true. My focus was no longer on my limitations it was now on my capacity.

There was a heavy winter storm Saturday night, the end of Power of Choice. I remember as I got out of the car, reaching for the snow shovel and I began to shovel the driveway, one of my kids tried to stop me saying;
” Mom don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself”.
I said, “No I’m good, I’m not going hurt myself, I’m going to strengthen myself.

I have spent the last 90 days strengthening myself. I have pushed myself in ways I would have never dreamed including climbing and jumping off of a telephone pole as part of a ropes course experience. I have at times fallen short, but have dusted myself off and continued knowing full well that I can and I’m worth every bit of effort I put into it. Other times I have felt the pure joy of being in complete balance with who I want to be! Who I am meant to be! Really who I have been all along. In someways this process has been one of rediscovering the truths I already knew.

This blog was the first of three steps to my 90 day goal. An Antelope Island Photo Expedition was the second. The third part of my power 90 personal training process was leading a photo expedition to Monterey Bay to celebrate the restoration of my vision. That final piece of this process was completed last weekend. I have chosen a few photo’s of that adventure to feature here. Taking pictures was an important part of this experience, but not the most important piece. Sharing the experience with others is what truly gave any of this meaning for me.

I will forever be grateful to my dear friend Chaussie for giving me a golden ticket. To Jaime for talking me through my resistance, and for living his life of passion and sharing it with others through his amazing program. To each of the amazing friends I have met and learned from and with; it is amazing to see how far we’ve come, but the best is yet to be for each of us! I am so grateful for this entire experience and all of the friends and family that were a part of it!

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2 thoughts on “The Power Of Choice

  1. Thank you for your insight and perspective – an exceptional gift. I appreciate all that went into this effort and the discovery you shared. You bumped my existence into a renewed joy for simple pleasure of past and present. A marvelous gift – Thanks many times over – DAD

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