Favorite Place to Ponder

SONY DSCMoss Landing Harbor has always been a special place for me. Every time I get to go, I am amazed at the beauty, the vast  array of life abounding in the current ever changing with the tide. I knew this trip was bringing me at pupping season for the harbor seals.  It wasn’t difficult to find the little darlings basking on the beach. The dock across the harbor provided the perfect vantage point for me to observe them as the evening light began to dance it’s dance.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Place to Ponder

  1. What a spactacular event! Through your vision of this event – I revisited emotions and excitement of earlier years. Although I knew of Moss Landing – I never would have “experienced it” as I have through this time together. A time for reflection; a time of excitement and “re-engaging” with lifes gifts.

    Watsonville – was a dot on a map – I now know it as a tidy bustling town full of life and excitement in living.

    Thanks for your insight in knowing “I” needed this! I can only imaging what others think in their time of reflection.

    I’m home now – in charge of the daily activities which must be done!! Why? I don’t know? Maybe because I don’t have an expedition to lose myself in!! 🙂

    Thank you for your efforts on “my” / “our” behalf. A highlight of my life; my love of life boarders have been expanded!! Hurrah for another day and a chance to do good within my circle of influence. Love you and yours – very much – DAD

  2. Thank you so much for coming! I am excited to write a post with all of my thoughts about the experience. My thoughts are flooding me with so many wonderful emotions! What a gift it’s been to be able to sort through the photos and re live a piece of each moment. I too look forward to many more adventures and hope to find you by my side. In planning my goal, I realized it was not enough to just have the experience or take a brilliant photograph. It was essential that others be a part of my journey. What a glorious blessing it was to have so many family members and good friends take the leap of faith and join in this adventure. I don’t know if I can ever truly express what that meant to me, or how it felt to see it all come together! I am so grateful! So thrilled! Ready now to take the next giant step forward in fine tuning my process and offer that opportunity not just to those I love, but to friends I have yet to meet!

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