Pure Joy

Oh the joy a puppy can bring! Yesterday I was taking some photo’s for a dear friend who’s grandchildren are moving across the country by the end of the week. Family means the world to me and to my dear friend and I know she and  her grandkids are feeling some trepidation about this grand adventure. It’s not that they fear what’s ahead so much as they fear knowing what life will be like leaving the ones they love so dearly behind. During this photo shoot the little boy’s face lit up as he saw a tiny puppy approach from across the street. I love puppies. I however never imagined how much this little boy loved puppies, but his pictures explain it all! What a great distraction for all of us from the heavy feelings of fear and loss, and a great reminder, that we can all find joy in our journey, if we take time to enjoy the small things…even puppies.

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